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Taskoli is an organization that understands how valuable time and money are. Our vision for the future is to help direct individual lifestyles to a place where people are able to earn extra money in a way that fits their schedule. Taskoli is a great fit for everyone whether you are a student, busy parent, in­between jobs, or simply looking to make a little extra money.

With the help of your neighbours

Our company strives to use this principle to bring people together to achieve a practical way to work with others around the community. This process is a simple yet effective way to bring freedom and adjustability to everyday life. Our easy to use platform was developed to satisfy both parties' needs and to create a sense of community among those who are able to benefit from one another.

In order for you to relax.

We at Taskoli are committed to continuously improving our standards in order to satisfy the needs and goals of the community. We are always open to suggestions on how to make Taskoli work better for you. Please feel free to send us a message under the ‘Contact us’ option and we will answer any questions or comments you inquire about. We hope to hear from you and thank you for using Taskoli.

Meet the founders

Taskoli started in Victoria, British Columbia in September 2015. Over the next six months the founders – Sonny and Josh, constructed the basis for their idea. They carefully considered how Taskoli would enhance their community making it a more leisurely place.

Where it all began…
Sonny and Josh were having coffee after work which was a luxury that didn’t come by very often. Josh told Sonny that he was not able to stay for long because he needed to run errands before the stores closed. Sonny jokingly suggested, “wouldn’t it be nice if those errands could be done for you?” That’s when the idea dawned on them that, people, just like them, deserve to have more free time. What if there was a simple solution to the lack of free time in peoples everyday lives? Taskoli is that solution. It has been a thoughtfully developed program that will assist in delivering freedom to people throughout the community. Sonny and Josh want to help you worry less about your “to-do” list and start living your “can-do” list.

Hey, my name is Sonny. I love motorcycles and just recently bought a used KLR. What I didn’t know at the time of purchase was that the wiring harness needed to be worked on and fixed, which is not a skill or knowledge that I have. I thought it would be helpful if I was able to hire someone from my community who had the knowledge and experience that I lacked, that would be able to help work on my bike for a lower price then a mechanic shop would cost. I imagined this would be the perfect task for a student electrician or a retired mechanic who may be looking to make a little extra money. So, with the help of my friend, we worked together to build this company.

Hi, I am Josh and have only lived in Victoria for a couple of years. Moving from Nova Scotia there was a lot of moving expenses that I did not initially anticipate. I had always considered looking for a small side job to earn some extra money to help cover the costs of moving but there was never anything that seemed to work around my current schedule. With the teamwork of my friend Sonny, we worked hard to create Taskoli and make this possibility a reality.


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